Anzac Bridge

The bridge is the longest bridge in Australia cables and among the longest in the world. The bridge is 32.2 meters wide and has its main long-range 345 meters. The concrete pylons are 120 meters high and support the deck by two sets of cables. Initially, the cables were subjected to vibrations that were suppressed by the addition of new stabilization cables connecting cables suspended between them.

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Sydney News

Learn the latest news and curiosities of Sydney, see the weather, sights, beaches, waterfalls, sports, tours and everything you need to know to make the most of tourism and ecotourism in Sydney, one of the most popular destinations around world.

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Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House Inside, also known as the Sydney Theatre, is one of the most striking buildings worldwide spectacle, and one of the symbols of Australia, located in Sydney.

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Sydney Hotels

Looking for a perfect hotel in Sydney? First check some reviews and see our best deals in Sydney. The Portal helps you plan your trip, choosing the best hosting, deciding where to eat and drink, and what to do in this natural paradise. Your visit to Sydney starts here.

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Linux Australia

Meet the Design Korora a Linux distribution that comes from Australia and has been offering a Linux-friendly since 2005, when it was based on Gentoo.

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